IELTS Speaking Test Sample 91

IELTS Speaking Test # 91

Part One - Introduction

[The examiner asks the candidate about him/herself, his/her home, work or studies and other familiar topics.]

Keeping in contact with people:

Q. How do you usually contact your friends? [Why?]

Q. Do you prefer to contact different people in different ways? [Why?]

Q. Do you find it easy to keep in contact with friends and family? [Why/Why not?]

Q. In your country, did people in the past keep in contact in the same ways as they do today? [Why/Why not?]


Part 2 - Cue Card

[The topic for your talk will be written on a card which the examiner will hand you. Read it carefully and then make some brief notes.]

Describe a party that you enjoyed.

You should say:

  • whose party it was and what it was celebrating
  • where the party was held  and who went to it
  • what people did during the party

and explain what you enjoyed about this party.

[ You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you’re going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]


Part 3 - Two-way Discussion:

Discussion topics:

Family parties:

Q. What are the main reasons why people organise family parties in your country?

Q. In some places, people spend a lot of money on parties that celebrate special family events. Is this ever true in your country? Do you think this is a good trend or a bad trend?

Q. Are there many differences between family parties and parties given by friends? Why do you think this is?

National celebrations:

Q. What kinds of national celebration do you have in your country?

Q. Who tends to enjoy national celebrations more: young people or old people? Why?

Q. Why do you think some people think that national celebrations are a waste of government money? Would you agree or disagree with this view? Why?

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