Discussion Topic - Your hometown

Discussion Topic - Your hometown.

Part 1:

Q. 1. Where is your hometown?
Answer: My hometown is a small place called “Natore” which is located in the western corner of Bangladesh. Even though it is a small town, it is very famous for sweet delicatessens, serving and selling many different kinds of sweet desserts.

Q. 2.  What do you like about your hometown?
Answer: I like several things about my hometown. First, since it is a small town, it seems everybody knows everybody here like a friend. Besides, it is a quiet town where I don’t really have to deal with the crowd, noises and bad traffics on a daily basis. People are amicable and helpful and that makes it a great place to live in.

Q. 3. What is the weather like there?
Answer: The weather can be hot and humid, with an average temperature of about 35 degree Celsius, during the summer season which starts from around June and ends in October. The winter in my hometown is moderately cold with an average temperature of about 15 degree Celsius.

Q. 4. What building is considered famous in your town?
Answer: There is a number of buildings in my hometown which are famous, but one particular building called “The Rajbari” (residence of the landlord king) demands for some special attention because it is there for almost 300 years as the remnants of a glorious past of a people who used to rule the town and its adjacent areas.

Q. 5. How has your town changed over the last twenty years?
Answer: Over the last twenty years, my town has changed rather significantly as its population has increased and so has the number of new buildings and infrastructures with it. Today, we can notice that many people from my hometown have left for bigger cities because of better employment opportunities as people want to improve their living standard even more.

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