Graph Writing # 120 - Amount of beer and fruit juice consumed per person per year in different countries

IELTS Academic Writing Task 1/ Graph Writing - Table:

» You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

The tables below give information about the amount of beer and fruit juice consumed per person per year in different countries.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

» Write at least 150 words.

Beer & fruit juice consumed per person per year in different countries

Sample Answer:
The given tables show data on the consumption of beer and fruit juice in ten different countries. As is presented in the tables, Irish and German people consume the highest amount of beers per person while the Canadian and American people consume the highest amount of fruit juice per person per year.

According to the first table, Irish people consume the highest amount of beer per person in a year amounting 155 litres while Finnish took 79 litres per year on an average. German and Australian citizens take more than 100 litres beer each year while they take about 34-38 litre fruit juices per person per year. People of Belgium and Denmark both take 98 litres beer while people of UK, Australia, US, Netherland consume less than 90 litres beer on an average. Finnish people take the least amount of beer on an average amounting 79 litres per person annually. On the other hand, people of these given countries drink fruit juice less than half of the amount they drink the beers. Canadian people drink the largest amount of fruit juice contributing to 52.6 litres per person annually, while this amount is less than 50 litres for all other countries. New Zealand people consume the least amount of fruit juice each year on an average.   

In conclusion, people of the given countries drink more beer than fruit juices on an average. 

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The tables compare beer and fruit juice consumptions by ten different nationalities.

Overall, people of these countries consume more beer than fruit juice on average in a year. Moreover, Irish people consume more beer than other nationalities and Canadian people have more fruit juice than people in other countries.

According to the first table, Irish people consume the highest amount of beer, 155 litres per person in a year. The second and third highest beer absorbing countries are Germany and Austria with 119 and 106 litres. People from Belgium, Denmark and Britain consume 97-98 litres. Besides, citizens of Australia, the United States and the Netherlands drink 80-89 litres of beer. And the lowest beer intake is in Finland with 78 litres average consumption.

As per the second table, fruit juice consumption is observed to be highest in Canada with 52.6 litres, which is still far less than the beer consumption in this country. Germans and Austrians consume almost 38 litres of fruit juice per year. People in Sweden, Australia and Finland consume 35.5, 34.4 and 33 litres of juice respectfully. Fruit juice consumption is lowest in New Zealand, only 24.8 litres per person in a year.

The provided tables present information about the litres of beer and fruit juice that each person consumed per year in 10 different countries.

Overall, Irish and Canadian dwellers consumed the most amounts of beer and fruit juice among all spheres respectively and people who lived in Finland and New Zealand drink the lowest quantity.

As is presented, the first table depicts Irish and German drank the highest amount of beer with 155 and 119 liters consequently. Inhabitants of Austria are placed in the third rank with 106 liters in terms of beer consumption. In other 7 countries, people consumed beer approximately similar to each other and these proportions oscillated between 79 and 98 liters per capita.

On the contrary, each Canadian drank 52.6 liters fruit juice per year on average. Americans were the strong fans of fruit juice after Canadians with 42.8 liters consumption. The fruit juice drinking pattern in 8 other countries fluctuated between 24.8 and 38.6 liters per person.