Graph Writing # 33 - Heart Attacks by Ages and Genders in USA

IELTS Academic Writing Task 1/ Graph Writing - Column Graph:

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The chart below shows information about Heart Attacks by Ages and Genders in the USA.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

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                 Heart Attacks per year, USA (in thousands)
Heart Attacks by Ages and Genders in the USA

Model Answer 1:
The bar chart gives information on the number of Americans who experience a heart attack in a year based on their gender and age groups. Overall, males have a significantly higher rate of myocardial infarction, a medical term used for heart attack, than that of females and older Americans are more prone to have heart attacks than young ones.

As is presented in the diagram, more than 120 thousand American males between 29 and 44 years get a heart attack while it is scarcely the case among the women of the same age group. The heart attach rate considerably goes higher with the increase of the age and for the Americans over 65 years, this rate is the highest. While over 420 thousand males suffer from this in a year who are middle-aged, it is noticeably lower for women from the same age group. However, Americans over 65 years old suffer from a heart attack the most regardless of their gender and 440 thousand males have had it in a year against the 374 thousand women.


Model Answer 2:
The presented chart compares the number of people having heart attacks per year in the USA with respect to their age groups and genders. As is observed from the chart, the tendency of males to have a heart attack is higher than that of females in all age groups.

It is apparent that the young age group which involves people aged from 29 to 44 has the lowest rate of heart attacks per year in the USA. On average, 123 thousand men and 3 thousand women have heart attacks every year. However, the middle age group which consists of people aged between 45 and 64 has a significantly higher possibility to have a heart attack. 424 thousand males, on average, have heart attacks every year. On the contrary women’s heart attack incidents are recorded as on 136 thousand per year from the same age group of Americans.

The oldest age group constitutes the highest rates of heart attacks. Heart attacks among males are averaged as 440 thousand whereas female hear attacks are 374 thousand per year. Unlike the other age groups, the gap between male and female are largely covered in this age group.

In conclusion, as people get older the risk of having heart attack increases, however in young ages men are more prone to a have a heart attack than of women.

[Written by - Haktan Adali]


Sample Answer 3:
The chart compares the number of people (in thousands) having heart attacks per year in the USA based on their age and gender.  As a general trend, it is observed that more men suffer from heart attacks compared to women in all age groups.

It is seen in the chart that risk of having a heart attack among men increases manifold after the age of 45. As compared to 123,000 men having a heart attack in the age group of 29-44, there are 424,000 and 440,000 men who suffer from heart attacks in the age group of 45-64 and 65+ respectively. Only 3000 women suffer from heart attacks under the age of 45. The risk increases in the age group of 45-64 and reaches almost the similar rate as of men after the age of 65.

In summary, men are at a greater risk of having heart attacks in all age groups and the risk increases for both men and women after the age of 65.

[By - Priyanka Varma ]


Sample Answer 4:  
The given chart shows data on the number of the US people who suffer from heart attack dividing them into three age groups. As is observed from the given information, men have more heart attack rates than female and both men and women over 65 years old are prone to heart attack than younger age groups.

Men have more heart attach rates than women in all age groups. Firstly, 123 thousand men suffer from heart attacks compared to the 3 thousand female who fall under the 29 to 44 age group. Again, among the 45 to 64 years group, more than 400 thousand men have had heart attacks and this number is almost three times higher than the rate among female of this age group. Finally, US people over 65 years old suffer from heart attacks more than other two age groups and that exceeds 300 thousand for female and 400 thousand for men. Women in 65+ age group suffer from heart attacks significantly more than other age groups.

In conclusion, more American men suffer from heart attacks than women and this rate is higher among the people over 65 years old. 

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Nguyen Thuong Vu
The given bar chart illustrates the annual number of heart attacks in the USA. Information is categorized based on genders and age groups. A quick look at the graph suggests that elderly people are the most vulnerable and men are more likely to have it than women.

123 thousand men between the age of 25 and 44 have heart attacks in one year, while the figure among women of the same age group is significantly lower. Risks increase dramatically as people get older, especially among women, however, heart attacks among males still outnumber those regarding the other gender. According to the data, 136 thousand cases are reported every year women in the age group 45- 64, more than 40 times the number of heart attacks among middle-aged women.

The yearly number of heart attacks of elderly females go as high as 374 thousand, but the figure regarding men in the same age group is even higher, at 440 thousand.

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The given bar chart presents the number of American men and women between 29 to over 65 years old who suffer from heart attacks. In general, men are more likely to have heart attacks than women in the USA and the risk of heart attacks increases with the age of people. Based on the chart, people from 29 to 44 have the least risk of coronary occlusion. Only 3 thousand women from this age group have heart attacks in a year while this number is 123 thousand for men, which is 41 times higher. Between the age 45 and 64, the numbers of men who get coronary occlusion increases to 424 thousand, and the number of females is just over 135 thousand. For people who are more than 65 years old are likely to be affected by heart attacks more than other age groups. While the heart attack victim males rise to 440 thousand, 374 thousand female have this in a year. The number of females who have myocardial infarction when they get older is dramatically higher than the number of women during their age between 45 to 64.
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Time is not mentioned anywhere in the question. Why are you using the past tense?
Dhruvi Sureshbhai Suthar
Yeah, this bar graph is in the present tense and we will not write in the past tense.