Graph Writing # 134 - Proportion of monthly household income in five European countries

IELTS Academic Writing Task 1/ Graph Writing - Table:

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The table illustrates the proportion of monthly household income spend on food and drink, housing, clothing and entertainment in five European countries.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main feature and make comparisons where relevant.

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             Proportion of household income five European countries spend on
                    food and drink, housing, clothing and entertainment.

Proportion of household income in five European countries

Sample Answer 1:
The table compares the allocation of monthly earning in five different European countries (France, Germany, UK, Turkey And Spain). According to the statistic, in general, it is clearly seen that most countries spend heavily of their income on housing compared to other household aspects.

To begin with, the largest allocation of income in terms of food and drink is experienced by Turkey. This figure stands at 36%, but other aspects, such as housing, clothing, and entertainment, are just under 30% of the proportion of monthly household income. In contrast, even though Germany’s citizens allocate just 22% of their earning in food and drink, but in other household aspects, they spend heavily than other countries. This figure is considered as the biggest expenditure.

Three countries, namely France, the UK, and Spain, have smaller proportions of household income in clothing. These stand at 7%, 11%, and 8%, but the largest expenditure in France is in housing, this figure is the same with the UK, at only 37%. However, the biggest allocation of monthly income in Spain is experienced in food and drink, at 31%.
In entertainment aspect, most countries allocate just under 20% of their earning monthly.

[ Written by - Ach Maulidi ]

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Nguyen Thuong Vu
The provided table gives information about how people in 5 different countries (France, Germany, the UK, Turkey and Spain) spend their income on several household necessities.

Overall, it is observed that larger proportions of their income goes for food and drink along with housing. More specific information will be summarized below.

To begin with, citizens in these five European countries spend more than one-fifth to get food and drink, with the highest figure being 36% in Turkey and the lowest being 22% in Germany. As for the cost of housing, British people spend almost 40% of their income, more than twice as much as Spanish (18%) spending on accommodation. Additionally, these figures in France and Germany also exceed 30% while for Turkey, it is just slightly higher than that of Spain, precisely 20%.

The graph also shows that people in these five countries spend less than 20% on clothing, ranging from 7% (France) to 15% (Germany). This is also true when it comes to the need for entertainment, however, these figures do not drop below 10%. It is seen that similar to clothing, Germans also spend a larger proportion of their earnings on entertainment than the other four countries. In detail, it stands at 19% compared to 13%, 11%, 10% and 15% of France, UK, Turkey and Spain, respectively.

The provided table compares the money paid by the citizens in five different countries on housing, clothing, entertainment, food and drink.

Overall, most of the citizens in these countries spend a major share of their income on housing. Besides, people in those five countries show a variety of expenditure trend whereas Germans spend more in all aspects except for the food and drinks.

To begin with, people in France, Germany, and the UK spend more than 30% of their income on housing, with British citizens spending the highest ratio, which is 37%. Food and drink expenditure in Turkey and Spain are 36% and 31%, respectively, which stand the highest among the nations. On clothing, Spanish and French people allocate the least amount, i.e. 8% and 7% respectively, which is 15% in Germany, 11% in the UK and 12% in Turkey. People in these countries spend more than 10% of their income on entertainment with Germans being the highest spender - 19% towards it. Surprisingly they spend only 22% on food and drinks. Though Germans have a low expense trend on food and drink, they spend heavily on other household activities.