IELTS graph 322 - Manufacturing process for making sugar from sugar cane

IELTS Academic Writing Task 1/ Graph Writing - Diagram/ Chart/ Process Diagram/ Pictorial:

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

The diagram below shows the manufacturing process for making sugar from sugar cane.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

Model Answer 1:

The illustration outlines different steps of producing sugar from sugar cane. As is clearly delineated in the diagram, sugar cane plants get ready to be processed for manufacturing sugar when they are over one year old, and the process involves harvesting, crushing, making syrup, centrifuging, and finally drying and colling.

As the diagram depicts, sugar cane plants are harvested from the fields when they are at least one to one and a half years old for the purpose of making sugar from them. They are harvested either manually by human labourers or by using machines. In the third step, these sugar canes are crushed in a crusher machine to produce juice. Afterwards, the produced juice is purified by a limestone filter before the juice is heated by an evaporator to create the syrup. Sugar crystal is separated from the syrup in a device called a centrifuge. The final step involves drying and cooling the produced sugar crystals to make the sugar that we consume.

Model Anser 2:

The picture diagram illustrates the phases involved in producing sugar from sugar cane plants.

Generally speaking, sugar production involves seven main stages that start with growing the sugar cane on farms and culminates in drying and cooling the crystal syrup to form sugar which is ready to be consumed.

As the process diagram suggests, in the first step, the sugar cane plants are harvested from the farmland when they are about a year to eighteen months old. The harvesting of sugar cane plants is done either manually or with the help of agricultural machinery. After that, the sugar cane stalks are crushed in a grinder, resulting in the formation of sugar cane juice. Afterwards, this juice is purified with the use of a limestone filter. Subsequently, the juice is heated in an evaporator device. During this step, the vaporization of water creates the syrup, which is then poured into a centrifuge machine where it separates sugar crystals from the syrup. In the final stage, the created crystals are dried and cooled to manufacture the final product- which is sugar.

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The given illustration shows the production method of sugar from sugarcane.

Overall, the making of sugar involves some processes that require machines and rigorous steps. The most important aspect of this process is the cultivation of the sugarcane, the sugarcanes are processed to produce sugar.

Firstly, the sugarcanes are cultivated for about twelve to eighteen months and are harvested either manually or through the use of various cutting machines, then the obtained sugarcanes undergo the crushing process to produce the liquid extract, whilst this substance is purified through a limestone filter.

Then the fluid mixture is boiled in certain vessels, where the process of evaporation takes place and the liquids get converted into a dense mixture. Afterwards, this extract undergoes the process of centrifugation where the sweet crystals get separated from the syrup, and these crystals are dried and cooled. At that time, the final process, the sugar is produced and ready for use and consumption.

Rutik Narute
The given process illustrates how sugar is produced from sugar cane.

Overall, it can be seen that the manufacturing of the sugar process involves cultivating the sugarcane plants till the drying and cooling process, whereas this process also needs tools such as machines, crushers, and containers.

To begin with, the manufacturing process of sugar begins with growing sugarcane in the farmlands for one to one and a half years, and then these sugarcane crops are cut by huge machines or by hand tools. Afterwards, these sugarcanes are put in a crusher to make juice. These juices were then poured into a funnel, where a limestone filter purified it and sent it for heating.

Furthermore, an evaporator converts this juice into syrup and forwards it to the centrifuge, where this tool separates the sugar crystals from the syrup. Moreover, the sugar from the centrifuge is then sent for the drying and cooling process in the container.

Mark B
The pictorial shows the step-by-step process of making sugar from sugarcane.

The process of turning the harvested sugarcane into sugar involves multiple steps - from the actual growing of the plant, crushing of the newly harvested crop, and then up to the drying and cooling of the final product.

This all begins with sugarcane plants being grown and tended carefully for 12-18 months. Only after reaching the timeline can the crop be ready for harvest which is usually done manually or with specialized tools, equipment and machinery. Afterwards, The harvested plants are sent to facilities with machines that crush the sugarcanes and collect the juice from the process. The collected juices are then purified using a limestone filter and then sent into an evaporator for a process of removing excess liquid until the juice becomes a viscous syrup. After the evaporation, the sugary syrup is sent to a centrifuge that removes the sugar crystals from the syrup. Finally, the sugar crystals are then sent to a cooling and drying station. The final product is sugar.

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Jaskaran Singh
The illustration outlines how sugarcane is produced from sugar. In general, sugarcane production has 7 stages starting from harvesting sugarcane to drying and cooling sugar crystals.

In detail, the process of producing sugar from sugar cane involves various activities and processes. The very first thing which is required is growing sugar cane in fields which takes around twelve to eighteen months to get ready for harvesting. The harvesting is done manually, or with the help of machines. After harvesting the canes, crushing equipment is used to produce juice from the canes. The juice is then extracted from sugar cane which will then go through the purifier known as limestone filter. After this step, we get purified juice which is then heated to a level to convert the juice into syrup. Following the procedure, the second step before we produce crystal shape sugar, we need to centrifuge the syrup. It is a process of separating sugar crystals from the syrup. Finally, the filtered sugar needs drying and cooling to produce the end product, which is sugar.

Kolipaka Sai Pranavi
The diagram is a flow chart that represents the phases of preparing sugar from sugar cane.

Overall, the making of sugar from sugar cane has many stages that require both manual and machine labour. Hence it can be treated as a complex process. In this process, the growing of sugar cane step takes more time than the remaining steps.

First of all, as sugar cane is the primary source of sugar, it is grown in nearly 12 to 18 months. Then the sugar cane fields undergo harvesting which is the process of cutting that sugar cane. They are then crushed to extract juice from them which is later poured into a limestone filter to get the purified juice.

Further, the purified form of the juice is put on heat to prepare syrup through evaporation. Now, this syrup is centrifuged, which involves separating sugar crystals from the syrup. Finally, these sugar crystals are dried and cooled to make the final product of sugar which can be used for daily purposes.