Graph Writing # 62 - Hours worked and stress levels amongst professionals

IELTS Academic Writing Task 1/ Graph Writing - Column Graph + Pie Chart:

» You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

The graphs show figures relating to hours worked and stress levels amongst professionals in eight groups.

Describe the information shown to a university/college lecturer.

» Write at least 150 words

Hours worked & stress levels amongst professionals in eight groups

Model Answer 1:
The illustration delineates average working hours of eight types of professionals and the percentages of them suffering from stress-related problems. Overall, despite extended working hours, business owners have fewer anxiety issues while this is highest among the teachers, who works considerably fewer hours per day.

As the data suggests, businessmen work roughly 70 hours a week, higher than any other professional. Despite this longer professional engagement, their percentage of work-stress issues is lower, 11% to be precise. Doctors and movie producers both work more than 10 hours per day and their percentages of illness from work pressure account for 15 and 18 percent respectively. Writers and programmers have considerably fewer stress issues despite their more office duration than chefs, who work for only 30 hours per week but constitute 10% patients with stress-related problems. It is worth noticing that, one in four lecturers suffers from stress-related sicknesses though their working hours per week is the lowest, only 25 hours. This signifies that illness from stress from professional engagement is not directly related to the working hours of these professionals.


Sample Answer 2:
The graphs present data about working hours of different professionals and the percentage of employees experience stress-related issues. Overall, businessmen work longer hours on an average and the stress-related illness among teachers are highest.

As is presented in the bar graph, businessmen work 70 hours per week, the highest, among the average working hours of given professionals. Movie producers work 60 hours per week, which is the second highest. The third longest working hours per weeks are for Doctors and they work more than 50 hours per week. Writers, programmers, lawyers and chefs work 47, 40, 37 and 30 hours per week consecutively. The least working hours are for lecturers, 28 hours a week.

Interestingly, though the lecturers work fewer hours per week than other professionals, their stress-related sickness is higher than other experts. On an average, one-fourth teachers have this problem. Movie producers and doctors have 18 and 15 percentage anxiety issues consecutively. Though businessmen work longer hours a week, their percentage of stress-related ailment is only 10%, lesser than the lecturers, movie producers and doctors. Programmers, writer and lawyers suffer this issue less than 10% of the total.

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The bar graph gives details about the duration of weekly working hours of eight different professionals while the pie chart illustrates the percentage of the same professionals who suffer from stress-related illnesses linked to their occupations.

Overall, businessmen work more hours than other professionals per week but fewer of them have stress-related issues. Moreover, lecturers work fewer hours but have higher stress from their profession.

In details, the weekly working hour of lecturers is the lowest (around 27 hours per week) among the given professionals but the percentage of stress-related diseases among them is the highest (25%). Doctors and movie producers' working hours per week are around 52 and 60 hours respectively, while the rate of pressure and illness they suffer due to their professions are 15% and 18% in the same order. Although lawyers work only 35 hours and writers about 46 hours weekly, the percentage of illness and tension caused by these occupations are the same - 8%. Despite businessmen working 40 hours more than chefs, both suffer nearly the same percentage of pressure and ailment (11% and 10%) respectively. Programmers suffer from the least work-related stress which is only 5% although they work 40 hours per week.

The line graph compares the weekly average working hours of various professionals while the pie chart shows the stress levels among these people.

Generally speaking, businessmen and movie producers work more hours per week among the given professionals while the percentage of lecturers who suffer from stress-related illness is the highest.

As can be seen from the given data, businessmen work 70 hours per week which is higher than the working hours of people from other professions. Movie producers work 60 hours per week and this is 9 hours higher than the doctors. Writers and programmers work for around 40 hours per week while chefs and lawyers work around 30 and 35 hours respectively. The lecturers work approximately 26 hours per week which is the lowest working hours among the 8 given professions. Interestingly, despite having the lowest working hours, lecturers suffer from the highest percentages of stress-related illness. 25% of people who suffer from stress issues come from this profession. And, 18% and 15% stress-related issues could be seen among the movie producers and doctors while it is 10% for the chefs. Businessmen, despite their highest working hours in a week, have only 11% stress issues from work. All other professionals show less than 10% stress issue and programmers among these professionals have the lowest problem related to stress.

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The provided illustration gives data about the weekly working hours of different specialists and the ratio of illness caused by work strain they take.

Overall, business owners and film producers work more hours per week but lecturers despite their fewer working hours suffer more from professional stress.

Writers, who devote more than 40 hours in a week for professional work, suffer less from stress-related illness. Doctors work more than 50 hours a week, and 15% of them have anxiety-related problems. Again, chefs, lecturers, and lawyers serve for 30, 25, and 35 hours each week sequentially and they go through sickness from work demand 10, 25, 8 per cent respectively.

On the other hand, movie producers employ more hours in their professional fields compared to the previously mentioned experts. Their weekly working hours is 50 and 25% of them bear the illness incurred from professional pressure. The highest working hours could be observed among business owners and movie producers while it is the lowest in the case of lecturers. Programmers, who work 20 hours less than movie producers in a week, have comparatively less stress-related problems. Businessmen, who work more hours compared to the other professionals, 70 hours in a week, have strangely less stress level problems.