Letter Writing # 212 - You work for an international company and want to do a training course

IELTS Letter Writing / GT Writing Task 1:

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

You work for an international company. You have seen an advertisement for a training course which will be useful for your job.

Write a letter to your manager. In your letter,

  • describe the training course you want to do
  • explain what the company could do to help you
  • say how the course will be useful for your job

Write at least 150 words.

You do NOT need to write any addresses.

Begin your letter as follows:

Dear .......................,


Sample Answer 1:

Dear Mr Raynold,

I am writing about a training course titled "Importance of Digital Presence for Global Expansion of Business", that was advertised in a daily newspaper on 14th October. I believe it would be helpful for me and hope to get your permission to participate in it.

In relation to the specifics of the training, it is a four-day intensive session for brand managers and will be held from 20th to 23rd November. Registration (materials and meals included) fee is $200, and it needs prior booking. Some renowned speakers will conduct the training at the BlueText Seminar Hall, and more than 100 brand managers from different national and multinational companies are expected to participate in it.

Since this is a resourceful training session and would be helpful for us to expand our presence to a wider variety of digital channels, I am hoping you would exempt me from my duties for that time and consider reimbursing me for this seminar. I will get back to my normal work from 24th November.

It is quite important to take advantage of this opportunity because expanding our digital footprint and social presence for building comprehensive user engagement is the key goal for me this year. This seminar promises to make the participants ready for this challenge. After successful completion of the training, I would be able to put together actionable steps that I can take immediately to start engaging more seriously with our users.

Thank you for giving the matter your attention, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

William Brockie


Model Answer 2:

Dear Mrs Margarita,

I am writing this letter to express my interest in attending an important training course called ‘Introduction to Advanced Supply Chain Management System’ after coming across its advertisement in one of our local newspapers last week. This is a 3 month long part-time course that will start on 17 January, and classes will be held 3 times a week on weekdays in the evenings, from 4 pm to 7 pm.

I am quite convinced that the course will not only help in enhancing my skills as a Junior Logistic Manager but will also provide me with enough clarity on more advanced logistic approaches of the 21st century. As you know, as an export-oriented company, logistics will always play an important role in delivery cost reduction and ensure the safe delivery of our products worldwide.

Therefore, I would like to request you to allow me to leave early twice a week for the next 3 months to attend this training course.  Also, the fee for attending this course is quite high, so it would be great if I could get some funding from our staff training fund.

Yours sincerely,
Phillip Ray

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