IELTS Writing Task 2/ Essay Topics with sample answer.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 506 - Universities should accept equal numbers of male and female students

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.
Write about the following topic:

Universities should accept equal numbers of male and female students in every subject.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

You should write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer 1:
In today’s modern world, many students are going to university immediately after they finish school. However, the numbers of boys and girls studying in the universities are always not equal which leads to the assertion by the public that universities should receive the identical numbers of both genders in every course that they provide. In my opinion, I strongly agree with this claim.

Admittedly, every country around the globe is trying to promote the equality between genders so as to ensure that both genders can access to the facilities or resources. In the past, in many countries, girls are less likely to have the opportunity to further their studies which caused mainly by the narrow-minded of the society. For example, in China, many parents who have daughters often ask their daughters to sacrifice their studies and start to work since they are young. It is owing to the reason that they think that their sons are always more talented and knowledgeable than their daughters. Thus, it is crucial for all the universities worldwide to accept the same numbers of male and female students in order to promote equality between the genders.

Undeniably, everyone in the society can contribute to the nation regardless of gender. According to a recent study conducted in Columbia, the result has shown that girls have the same ability as the boys in terms of contribution to the country. It is further explained by a researcher that the female students are actually smarter than the male students based on their academic performances in universities. Hence, it is clearly shown that the girls should not be discriminated and therefore, be given the same chance as the boys to attend to university. In addition, there are some work fields which require more female employees than male workers due to the characteristics of more considerate and higher endurance. Thus the universities should accept equal numbers of male and female students in the courses they provide.

In conclusion, in order to promote the equality between genders and to allow every individual to contribute endlessly to the nation, it is necessary for all the universities to receive the same number of male and female students. I believe our nation will continue to prosper and flourish in the decades to come once the male and female are given the same chance to further their studies.

[ Written by - Lee Wing Qeen ]

Sample Answer 2:
During the last century, people did not even take the time to ask this question to themselves whether educational institutes should enrol an equal number of male and female students?  Firstly most of the female students stopped going to school much earlier than they do today.  And secondly, female and male were separated in class in their early childhood. Besides, male as female used to respect the moral and customs of their period. They were much more sensitive about what could the society think about them. Indeed, it was unusual to see a woman taking up medical studies.

Despite the evolution of our society and the growing women’s power some universities or ancient institutions still tend to dismiss candidates’ applications for unique gender reasons.

A university is always trying to attract the best students within its walls. If an institution was led to neglect some applications from brilliant students only to respect this equal number of male and female, I would say one thing: this kind of recruitment is not fair. A part of the students dismissed by the university might be the more deserving of a place when we first glance at their proficiencies than other students accepted only thanks to this new law in favour of the equality between men and women. By proceeding this way a university can lose many of future talented students who might bring fame to the university in return by becoming someone well-known.
However, if a university has the same percentage of men and women with the same level of qualifications, in this case, they must be led to choose their future students according to this kind of criteria.

To conclude and in my opinion universities should not accept their future students owing to an equal percentage of female and male but by analysing carefully the students' competencies.

[ Written by - Dhuicq Justine ]

Sample Answer 3:
In this world, there is an emerging number of universities opened up for of students to learn or get a degree, and preparing for the upcoming future.

Many male and female students take admission in different subjects every year. Unfortunately, in some countries, many universities have bounded criteria to register more number of male students as compared to females. Due to the least availability of seats for female students, they are forced to leave studies which have become the cause of illiteracy rate to increase.

Similarly, in Pakistan, more seats are available for males as compared to females both in public or private institutes. For instance, in the University of Lahore, the number of seats for male students is greater in number in Bachelors of Physics but the number of seats for females is greater than males in Bachelors of Architecture.

However, it is an undeniable fact that less number of females decide to study in universities but in addition to it, they do not get admission in the field of their own choice because of lack of seats for female students. This injustice not only the cause of illiteracy increment but also urges the females to keep their values down. In Islam, it is clearly declared that there are equal rights for both men and women. Both are the creation of God Almighty. There is no Islamic law which states that females are inferior to males by any aspect of life.

Eventually, I will conclude from all discussion above that it must be equal opportunity for male and female students in all universities with an equal number of seats in every offered program as it is a right of women to choose field whatever they want. There should be no enforcement on females for limited fields of education.

[ Written by - Taimour Altaf ]

Sample Answer 4:
In our modern world, the question whether universities should accept equal numbers of male and female students in every subject has been widely discussed. A fair portion of people believes that it is the universities responsibility to make the number even in every subject, while others hold the opposite point of the view. As for me, I agree with the latter one.

Firstly, for some certain working positions, the male can do better than female. For example, it is obvious that there are more policemen than policewomen. Man can run faster, men are stronger and men can react to a dangerous situation more quickly. All of these points help a man become more suitable to be the police. In this case, universities should have more male students in learning how to become a well-trained policeman in future, rather than female students.

Secondly, when it comes to the work of teaching in schools, especially primary schools, it is no doubt that men can’t do as good as women. It is children’s nature that they always prefer to be taught by female teachers. They treat their female teachers as their close friends, sometimes even their mothers. Normally, comparing to men, women are most likely to understand what are the children thinking and what they want next. For example, if a child accidentally hurts his thumb, his female teacher would hold him in her arms to comfort him. However, the male teacher may tell the child that it’s not a big deal. For the teaching subject, apparently, universities need to have more female students.

In conclusion, it is not necessary that universities have to make the equal numbers of male and female students in every subject. Actually, the numbers of male and female in a class depend on different subjects.

[ Written by - Wang Zhe, Veta ]

Sample Answer 5:
Some people argue that subjects offered by the universities should be filled by equal numbers of male and female students. However, since it is already 21st century and gender seems to  be not a big deal anymore, thus, in my opinion it is no longer about accepting an equal number of men and women in every subject but it is more about giving an equal opportunity for both male and female students to choose what they want to study.

To begin with, everyone has the right to the education and in fact attending a university needs much more consideration to take. All students, including male and female, who want to go to a university tend to put a lot of effort preparing their entrance. Since no one can choose what sex they were born to be, then it will be really unfair if the universities consider gender as the criteria in accepting students.

Besides, nowadays men and women can take any job, learn any skill and study any major that they want to. For instance, engineering sectors now welcome both men and women students. Another example is fashion industry which is though apparently more dominated by male designers, women can easily pick a career in this sector as well. As a result, there is no limit for particular sex to take over one particular field and university should take a look at it as a reason to open more chances for both genders.

Therefore, in conclusion, male and female need to be more encouraged to study based on their interest and capability rather than a stigma of which one is the best for them according to their gender.

[ Written by - Sukma Wati ]
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Tien Nguyen Van
Many people think that the number of men and women should be the same in any major in a higher educational institute. I completely disagree with this view because it is a kind of racist, and gender equality is all about the same behaviour and treatment for each person, not the number of their gender.

On the one hand, forcing every subject in universities to have equal numbers of males and females is, in my opinion, "racism". Everyone has their own will to enrol in any study regardless of their gender. By stopping people from studying a new subject just because their gender is more than enough in that subject is nothing different than not allowing students of colour to register for a new class. People should be free to study any suitable topic for them and pursue any achievement they need. That is the only way to have a society where everyone is equally treated.

At the same time, having the same number of males and females for every field of education is not gender equality. Equality of genders is all about attitude. People from different genders expect the same behaviour and opportunity for their contribution, not about having more or less of them for a subject. For example, women want their boss to assess them in a similar way as male colleagues, instead of hiring more females to have the same number of workers for each gender. This should be the same in education too. Individuals will feel fair if society recognizes them by their talents and abilities instead of their gender.

In conclusion, I do not agree to accept equal numbers of male and female students in every subject because that is prejudiced and will damage the gender equality movement.

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