IELTS Writing Task 2/ Essay Topics with sample answer.

IELTS Essay # 1165 - Over-fishing has become a very common practice in many countries

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Over-fishing has become a very common practice in many countries. 

Why is it so?
What do you think are the effects of over-fishing?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

You should write at least 250 words.


Model Answer 1:
In recent years, overfishing has become a major issue in many countries around the world. This is due to a number of reasons, including the increasing global demand for fish and the lack of proper regulation and enforcement of fishing laws. The effect of this is far-fetching and disastrous.

One of the main reasons for overfishing is the high demand for fish and seafood in many countries. As the world's population continues to grow, the demand for protein-rich foods like fish has also increased. In addition, many people believe that fish and seafood are healthier alternatives to red meat. This has led to an increase in demand for these products, which has put pressure on the fishing industry to catch more fish to meet this demand.

Another reason for overfishing is the lack of proper regulation and enforcement of fishing laws. Many countries have regulations in place to limit the number and size of fish that can be caught, as well as the methods used to catch them. However, these laws are often not enforced, either due to corruption or a lack of resources. As a result, many fishing companies are able to catch more fish than is sustainable, which has led to a decline in fish populations in many areas.

The effects of overfishing are widespread and significant. The decline in fish populations has not only affected the fishing industry but also the ecosystems in which these fish live. Fish play an important role in many food chains, and their decline has led to a ripple effect throughout many ecosystems. In addition, many coastal communities rely on fishing as a major source of income and food. The decline in fish populations has led to economic hardship for many of these communities, as well as food insecurity.

In conclusion, it is important for countries to regulate and enforce fishing laws to ensure the sustainability of fish populations. In addition, consumers can also play a role by choosing to eat sustainable seafood and supporting companies that practice responsible fishing methods. Only through a collective effort can we hope to protect our oceans and the fish that call them home.

Sample Answer 2:
Fish populations in seas, lakes and rivers are falling sharply all around the world. Many countries had plenty of fish species, but these days, many fish species have become numbered. This has happened mainly due to over-fishing and water pollution. Overall, this has terrible impacts.

Fishes, in many parts of the world, are caught early and they do not get time to grow and reproduce. Without the government’s initiatives and proper policy, the condition will deteriorate as the greedy fishers would not spare any fish from their nets. Moreover, pollution has reduced the natural habitats of fish species in rivers, lakes and oceans. As a consequence, marine life has lost its balance to a certain extent, and many fish species are now extinct or on the verge of extinction.

As a direct result of this, many popular fish species have become very expensive and rare. For instance, Hilsha, the national fish of Bangladesh, is highly expensive and hard to find. This has a negative economic impact as the country used to export this fish to many Western countries. Besides, due to the exhaustive and indiscriminating fishing, many rivers, lakes and canals are void of fish and more fishermen are finding it hard to live by fishing. Many governments have already taken steps by declaring many rivers, sea areas and canals restricted and marking commercial fishing prohibited in certain seasons, and this is making the livelihood of many fishermen even harder.

In conclusion, overfishing must be stopped now, and the government must decide to bring changes to save fish species. Besides, the population who live by fishing must also catch fish prudently and always spare the newborn and mother fish for their own benefit. Without imposing strict laws to stop uncontrolled fishing, while also investing money in improving the natural habitats of fish, we will bear great losses.

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