IELTS Letter Writing

IELTS GT test-takers need to write a letter of 150 words in response to their Writing Task 1 task, and this letter can be a formal, informal or semi-formal letter. IELTS Mentor has many such samples and letter writing preparation materials. You can browse through these samples and preparation materials to get ready to write any letter that you might encounter in your IELTS Exam.
Title Modified Date
Letter Writing # 283 - A magazine wants to include contributions from its readers 27 April 2023
Band 8/9 IELTS Letters 02 August 2023
You have bought a new mobile phone and it has stopped working - GT Writing Task 1: Sample 12 02 April 2024
Letter Writing # 195 - Letter to the friend who has a plan to visit your city 02 April 2024
Letter Writing # 178 - You want to delay the joining for two weeks 02 April 2024
You were disappointed with the meal and wish to complain - GT Writing Task 1: Sample 2 02 April 2024
Your neighbours have written to complain about noise - GT Writing Task 1: Sample 3 04 April 2024
Letter Writing # 312 - You would like to join a sports centre 10 April 2024