IELTS Cue Card

IELTS Mentor has the richest collection of IELTS Cue Cards (also known as Candidate Task Cards). These cue cards come with answers that you can read and get ideas to develop your own answers. Please never try to memorise an answer to any cue card topics. Just practice them so that you can learn to use your imagination or describe your own ideas when you are given a topic to talk about.
Title Modified Date
Cue Card # 255 - Describe a foreign product you would like to buy 20 September 2021
Cue Card # 256 - Describe a journey that took longer than you expected 21 September 2021
Cue Card # 257 - Describe an electronic device you want to buy 21 September 2021
Cue Card # 258 - Describe one of your classmates 25 September 2021