Writing Task 2 Sample

IELTS Writing Task 2 (also known as IELTS Essay Writing) is the second task of your IELTS Writing test. Here, you will be presented with an essay topic and you will be scored based on your ability to respond to the topic.

You need to write at least 250 words and justify your opinion with arguments, discussion, examples, problem outlining, proposing possible solutions and supporting your position. You will have approximately 40 minutes to finish your Essay Writing. IELTS Writing Task 2 carries more weights than Writing Task 1.

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Title Hits
IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 743 - Nowadays the zoos have no useful purpose. 12090
IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 339 - The highways department blames the high road toll on poor vehicle maintenance 12048
IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 298 - It is very hard for the teachers to give every student individual attention 12043
IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 877 - People who are being monitored are unaware of that 11970
IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 893 - Paid jobs for children offer valuable work experience 11920
IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 545 - Most of the countries provide free health service 11881
IELTS Essay # 1312 - Homeless people is increasing in many major cities 11867
IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 296 - School newspaper should be given absolute free speech with no censorship 11771
IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 834 - Why are groups or organizations important to people? 11716
IELTS Essay # 1389 - Historical objects should be brought back to their country of origin 11697
IELTS Essay # 1314 - Common educational system will be replaced by the year 2050 11678
IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 651 - We have become more independent in modern world 11659
IELTS Essay # 1386 - The best way to improve road safety is to increase the minimum legal age 11614
IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 786 - Given the opportunity women can be successful managers 11602
IELTS Essay # 1336 - More and more people are hiring a personal fitness trainer 11574
IELTS Essay # 1321 - Water pollution has become an increasing problem 11573
IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 1067 - Growing economy can be useful to poor and hungry 11516
IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 322 - Success is easy to attain but difficult to maintain 11457
IELTS Essay # 1301 - These days business meetings are taking place online 11365
IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 636 - Salary is the major factor considered while choosing the job 11303