Cue Card Sample

In the IELTS Speaking test, you will be given exactly 1 minute to prepare yourself to talk about a particular topic and this topic is called IELTS Cue card or Candidate Task Card. The instructions to guide your talk are written on a card given to you by the examiner. Your talk should last for approximately 2 minutes until the examiner asks you to stop. The examiner will ask one or two questions at the end. The cue card/ candidate task card issue lasts for 3-4 minutes - including preparation time of 1 minute.

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Recent IELTS Cue Card Topics: lists down the IELTS cue card topics which are taken from the recent IELTS Exams.

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Title Hits
IELTS Cue Card Sample 358 - Talk about your favourite photograph 35782
IELTS Cue Card Sample 357 - A person who is special or means a lot to you 20073
IELTS Cue Card Sample 356 - Describe a famous tourist destination in your country 53957
IELTS Cue Card Sample 355 - Describe a job you are interested in 78983
IELTS Cue Card Sample 354 - Describe a job you dream to have in the future 19401
IELTS Cue Card Sample 353 - Describe a book or movie that had a major influence on you 21317
Describe a website you often visit - Cue Card # 352 11155
Describe a special event that takes place in your city - Cue Card # 351 29302
Describe a shopping centre/mall that you have visited - Cue Card # 350 41600
An interesting story that you heard or read about in the news - Cue Card # 349 77954
Describe a restaurant you enjoyed going to - Cue Card # 348 88681
Describe a person who has been an important influence - Cue Card # 347 26301
Describe a television programme that you watch - Cue Card # 346 36076
Describe an interesting place that you have visited as a tourist - Cue Card # 345 125286
Describe a popular teacher that you know - Cue Card # 344 33358
Describe a time when you helped someone - Cue Card # 343 161034
Describe a thing you possess which is important to you - Cue Card # 342 43698
Describe a trip that you made by public transport - Cue Card # 341 40345
Common transportation or vehicle that you often use - Cue Card # 340 21234
Describe the job you have - Cue Card # 339 31064